​Radio Interviews

April 1st   The Ray Carr Show, 20 mins.  

April 7th  Strategies for Living with David McMillian. 45 mins. 

April 9th  Hope Healing and Well Being with Mary Treacy O'keefe    30 mins. 

April 13th  Conversations Beyond Science and Religion1 hour. Parallel Pathways to Healing.

April 14th   Transitions to Transformation Radio Show 1 hour.

April 22nd  The Donna Seebo Show. 1 hour. 

April 30th  The Pamela Marie Edmunds Show. 1 hour. 
May 1st       Bringing Inspiration to Earth with Robert Sharpe. 1 hour. 
May 3rd      Healthy Woman with Jewel Cabeza De Vaca. 30 mins.
​​May 6th     The Healing Matters Show 1 hour.

May 14th    This Week in America.30 mins. 

​May 21st    Guy's Guy Radio 1 hour. 

May 22nd    Conscious Talk with Brenda Michaels 30mins

June 7th       Soul Talk Radio with Jeremy McDonald 1 hour.

June 21st     David Essel Alive 30 mins

June 23rd     The Nancy Ferrari Show 1 hr

July 15th     Mindful Shift with Andrea Martin

Aug 16th      Exploring Unexplained Phenomena 1.5 hrs. 



Lecture at The Church of the Living Spirit, Lily Dale NY.