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John of God, Brazil


The Healing Curve: A Catalyst to Consciousness

            The Healing Curve ​ explores the possibilities of using every life experience, good or bad, to unearth and remove faulty belief systems that prevent us from seeing the incredible abundance and freedom that is and always has been ours to enjoy. We are infinite, powerful and wise, and we can awaken to a life free from fear, worry and self-deception. The Healing Curve reminds us that healing is more than a physical experience. Genuine restoration unveils the Self and awakens the seeker. It requires openness, enduring courage, honest inquiry into the self and, ultimately, total surrender. 

The Healing Curve chronicles such a journey. On one level it is a book about the ardent quest for true and lasting restoration from scoliosis. The story begins in the physical, leading us across the United States, Brasil, New Zealand and Europe, encountering healers, exploring cathedrals and meditating in gas stations. But the journey often ventures inward, offering up powerful truths about our potential as human beings and how we can access this potential to create joyful and abundant lives. With each experience the seeker shares her spiritual insights as she realizes her own limitations and strives for awareness and deeper understanding of herself and her place in the world.