"New York author Sara Chetkin comes to this memoir/inspirational healing book with a degree in Arts in Anthropology from Skidmore College, a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture, and as a Rohun therapist and an Ordained Minister with the Church of Wisdom, Delphi University. But biographical information about training doesn't touch the surface of the impact this little book has on the reader.

Sara shares her journey so tenderly with the reader. Reading this book cannot help but change the reader, adding yet another to the flock of spiritually guided and inspired members of humanity."  

                                               —Grady Harp, Amazon.com Vine Voice

​“I love this book! Highly recommend this as a fast, factual, easy read for all, whether on a healing journey of your own or not! Very interesting and heartfelt. Loved it!!”        

                                                — Suzanne

"As thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is inspired and inspiring, Sara Chetkin's introspective commentary on her personal life experiences is a deftly written and thoroughly engaging story from beginning to end."  —Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review

​"The Healing Curve is a story that recaps the history of alternative spirituality that has emerged over the past century...Chetkin tells her story honestly, without embellishment, and she speaks of psycho-spiritual truths with great clarity and ease of description."

​                                                        —Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

“Several years ago I had an X-ray of my spine done, and I was so shocked when I saw my spine with a curve in it, I burst into tears. I have had no problems or symptoms with this—nothing like what you have had to endure—but I got a glimpse of how devastating finding out about your condition must have felt for you. Thank you for sharing your journey. I wish you every joy and success in your life and in your healing!”  — Lynne 

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“After reading about four chapters of your book I had a profound healing much like your wheelchair experience. The dream I had last night showed me my ‘wheelchair’ and brought some powerful awareness up to the surface. Had I not read this short bit, I am sure I would not have been able to clear what I did. Thank you Sara for writing this amazing book!”  — Kindra McCabe

“To say we enjoyed your book is an understatement. What a treat, so honest, so intimate, so real. I respect your honesty, and yourcourage for sharing your healing journey. I am sure it will be a catalyst for many others to look at their own life differently and it will inspire others who are in need of both physical and spiritual healing. John and I will be purchasing at least 4 copies (probably more) to give to either family or to friends. Thank you, Sara, for sharing your journey. With your permission I would like to include your book on our reference list when we begin teaching again.”  — Sharon

“Thank you for sharing your story, at times I cried and times I was awed. Well written, easy to read and very inspiring.”  — Gerta


”I was very touched by your healing journey. Blessings of peace to you and your beautiful family.”  — Mary

The Incredible Cheryl 

Praise for

The Healing Curve